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Yes, you have stumbled across the SCADA Perspective Web Site. 
The primary purpose of this site is to provide a home for the SCADA mail list and archives. The Mail List has been around for a very long time, in technology terms. The very first version of this list service pre-dates the forming of the internet as we all know it to be now. Once upon a time, there were these things called dial up BBS's and there was this new thing called, "the Auspac Digital Data Network".
This site contains information that is stored in archive format. It also has some of the web facing stuff for user interactions and some guff about the list administrator, his affiliations, associations and interests and not much more.
All here to support and benefit the broader  ICS (Industrial Control Systems) / SCADA community,
and is a free to participate service offered by the list owner, Ron Southworth.
Stumbled here did you ??? ICS stuff you ask what is it -  Some of it looks like.....

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The "SCADA Gospel" archive is available from this site. This comprises of the edited archives of the wealth of knowledge from
the list contributors ....
Follow this link:  http://scadaperspective.com/WebArchive/book1.htm to gain access to the archive.


For further information, support, or assistance or if you are willing to donate or sponsor with a large or small sum(s) of money towards the list owners dream Cruising Catamaran please contact:

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